2018/19 Wellens Cup & Plate


First Round
Lindow A v Brookway A 1-8
Albert Social A v Bramhall Queensgate 9-0
Smithy Green A v Oldfield A 5-2
Sema v Brookway B w/o
Smithy Green C v Prestbury w/o
Stretford Eagles v Smithy Green D w/o
Oldfield B v Poynton A 5-0
Poynton C v Bramhall Park A 5-3
Poynton D v Albert Social C 5-1
Bramhall Park B v Lindow B 5-1
Albert Social B v Poynton B 5-4
Second Round
Stretford Eagles v Prestbury 3-6
Oldfield B v Poynton C 6-3
Brookway A v Bramhall Park B w/o
Brookway B v The Village Cheadle 1-8
Affinity v Customs & Excise 4-5
Poynton D v Smithy Green A 2-5
Albert Social B v Hale Barns 4-5
Albert Social D v Albert Social A 3-5
Third Round
Oldfield B v Brookway A 1-5
Smithy Green A v Prestbury 2-5
Albert Social A v The Village Cheadle 6-3
Customs & Excise v Hale Barns 3-6
Semi Final
Albert Social A v Brookway A 5-2
Hale Barns v Prestbury 1-7
Albert Social A v Prestbury 3-5
First Round
Second Round
Poynton B v Bramhall Park A 2-7
Poynton A v Lindow A 5-0
Lindow B v Oldfield A w/o
Bramhall Queensgate v Albert Social C 3-5
Semi Final
Albert Social C v Lindow B 5-3
Bramhall Park A v Poynton A 3-5
Albert Social C v Poynton A 3-5